The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science & Computers and the room for Art, Music, Languages & Mathematics are equipped in accordance with the specifications of CBSE examination board.

Chemisatry Lab

Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all precautionary measures against any eventuality. Advanced network of gas connectivity is given for safe handling of the experiments. Each seat is provided with Reagent shelves, Sinks and Water taps, sufficient storage space catered for in a well ventilated room. Special provision exists for weighing balances required for many experiments by students.


Physics Lab

All latest instruments related to electricity, sound, height and many more which enable them to get the concept of Physics. We have no. of Lenses, Mirrors, Magnets, Official benches, Sonometer, Potentiometer, Meter bridge etc. in our Lab. In general student to apparatus ratio is 2 : 1.



Biology Lab

Our Biology Lab is well equipped with no. of specimens advanced microscope like compound and dissecting which enable students to understand basic anatomy of life forms. After visualizing specimen students correlate existence of biodiversity.




Home Science Lab

Home science education is no longer about cooking and house keeping. It is all about science and art of modern house keeping. It is aimed at achieving and maintaining the welfare and hygienic condition of home and family life in an ever changing society. Home management requires skills and scientific knowledge which does not limit itself to activities within the home, but gives knowledge about food science, art of etiquette, balanced diet, health and hygiene and time management, all of which is of prime importance in this modern world.